Bible School and Skills Academy

Join our Bible School to train, equip and release you as a ministry Kingdom Worker.

Our Skills Academy will increase your workplace competence, performance and employability.

Bible School

Perhaps you felt a calling to serve in ministry but were not sure where to start. Follow this structured curriculum and look no further.

Skills Academy (coming soon)

Our skills courses are focused on job competence and are designed to be both practical and inspiring. Our Skills Academy is still under construction and will be coming soon!

Skills Academy

It is our vision that when students complete these courses they will be more employable, obtain better results, improve work competence and even become more entrepreneurial.

Bible School

Maybe you've felt a calling to serve in ministry but you are not sure where to start or maybe you just want to take your spiritual knowledge to the next level. Bible School is an excellent experience as it allows students to become emerged in God’s Word by following a structured curriculum.

Our courses are focused on job competence.

We expect that all our skills courses will have an impact on both individuals, corporations and entrepreneurs. Where our Bible School will deepen your spiritual growth while also qualifying you as a spiritual teacher

The Heartbeat Team

Learn skills that you can apply in your life with confidence and peace of mind. Start your knowledge journey at the click of a button.

Learn from your computer, tablet or mobile phone from anywhere in the world at your own convenience. 

Watch lectures from experts in their field who are passionate about making sure you get the best learning experience possible.