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Counseling 101 Module 1

Counseling 101 Module 1

Basic Concept of Counseling

Introduce the basic concept of counseling 

Counseling is a widely used term that refers to giving professional guidance to an individual

In essence, counseling is a structured and systematic process

Role of the Counselor

Discuss the roll of the counselor in the counseling environment

Usually two persons joins counseling, the counselor or therapist and the client.

The counselor should not allow anything to compromise his or her relationship with the client


Role of Active Listening in Counseling

Identify the role of active listening in counseling

Active listening is the practice of listening to a speaker and providing feedback by repeating, paraphrasing or reflecting

the counselor analyses while listening to what the client is saying without distractions of sound


Active Listening in Practice

Describe the skills that are involved in active listening 

The counselor is stating that he or she is listening by paraphrasing what the client has said

Finally, it is clear by now how important active listening is as a corner stone in effective counseling

Key concepts

Revision of key points in module 1 of counseling 101


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