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Christian Basics 2

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Financial Wisdom

The most glorious and exciting thing in the world is the preaching of the
Gospel to every last person. The sad truth is that without money in its
coffers the church cannot do the job adequately or in good time.

What is needed is supernatural provision from God that will fl ow out of a
new situation where all of God’s people understand, believe and practice
the Lord’s ways of Finance. This is indeed serious stuff!


You may well know already – and indeed you should – that praying to the Sovereign Lord of the universe is your duty and privilege.
But the question is whether regular prayer is such a joy that we simply must do it more and more. One the one hand, Prayer is a simple response to the love of God – that
is, delighting in God for a deeper intimacy with God, then you’ll find it
largely through Prayer. 

The New Covenant

A study of the ‘Covenants’ is fascinating and every good Bible teacher will want to take a closer look at guarantees – either conditional or unconditional – which God has put in place to shape the history of mankind and of the earth. 

These concepts cannot
be avoided in good balanced teaching. Those who emphasise the theological Covenants are generally called “Covenant Theologians,” on the other hand those who emphasise the Biblical Covenants move closer to ‘dispensationalism’ because the Biblical Covenants show the distinctions between the various stages in human history

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Financial Wisdom
The New Covenant
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