Heartbeat Christian Academy

Heartbeat Christian Academy is a Heartbeat FM initiative, founded for the sole purpose of facilitating, promoting and providing affordable Skills and Christian Education. We do this by partnering with various established institutions in the educational space. Our online student management system will enable students to study in the convenience of their homes. This will enable our footprint to increase to all the nations of the world. 

It is estimated that 90% of spiritual leaders worldwide have received no formal training. We endeavour to partner with local churches across the nations of the world to train, equip and release workers. Our Bible school offers a curriculum which consists of 3 phases each containing three courses that will introduce and educate student on various different aspects of the Christian faith. Once finished with phase 3 participants will be ready to practice in a ministry. 

Our skills academy provides work competence training and improves job performance and employability. This includes a course in counselling.

Founded 22 years ago as the Passion for Christ Bible School, we are part of the Calvary Academics family of Bible Schools.

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